Farmers Market Plan-

One person working one day a week, same day every week

Bring your raw ingredients, produce your product and take it with you at the end of the day

$350 /month (plus utlities)

Part Time Production-

One person working up to 25 hours a week

1/2 of reach-in cooler and freezer space

2 shelves of metro rack for dry storage

$500/month (plus utilites)

Two people working- $600/month (plus utilities)

Standard Full Time Work Station-

Dedicated work station consisting of 6' stainless steel table and metro rack for dry storage. 2 reach-in door of refrigeration space and 1 door of freezer space. 

24/7 access with up to 2 people working

$800/month (plus utilities)

Large Full time Work Stations

Up to $1500/month (plus utilities)

KBM Seattle

Hot Dog Cart

Access to kitchen for daily dishwash

No dry, refrigerated or freezer storage

$350/month (no utilities)